Company History

Kaluf Construction, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Rick Kaluf in DeMotte, Indiana. Rick has 28 years of construction industry experience to his name since he began working for Hollandale Builders in 1972. Rick worked for Hollandale for 14 years, working for most of that time as their job foreman. In 1986, he left and formed Kaluf Construction Company, and began building custom homes in the DeMotte area.

Over the years the business has grown, but Rick hasnít lost touch with what is most important - the client. In 1996 Kaluf Construction became incorporated, and Kaluf Construction, Inc. continued to turn out quality homes for their clients. Rick has been joined by his sons Kevin, Brian and Aaron on a full-time and part-time basis, his wife Jean is the secretary and bookkeeper, and daughter Amber and son-in-law Jonathan are always around to lend a helping hand when needed. Rick and Jeanís daughter, Jill, passed away in February of 2000, which led to the naming of Kaluf Construction, Inc.ís 2000 Parade of Homes house "The Jill Marie".

Mission Statement

The mission of Kaluf Construction, Inc. is to be an organization that provides our customers with the foremost QUALITY of products and services at competitive prices while simultaneously extending top-notch service. For over 14 years, Kaluf Construction, Inc. has provided exceptional construction services. By providing premium QUALITY services, we've earned respect by exceeding expectations in all phases of construction. Referrals are the basis of our work, and there are numerous satisfied customers ready to give testamonials if needed on our quality workmanship and service.

Our reputation of quality and dependability has been won by hard work, ambition, safety, honesty and the desire to be a superior presence in a demanding business. The most important components of our business are our customers and their communities, and our pledge of unyielding commitment to provide a superior QUALITY project.

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